“Presently when Jesus had completed these maxims, the groups were dumbfounded at his teaching… “

– Matthew 7:28 (USC)

AUTHORITY isn’t something we can simply put on. There is a calling and an unfaltering faith in power. We confide in power. Once in a while, as an issue of review, we shouldn’t. Yet, to obey God is to obey authority. Furthermore, still, some authority isn’t of God. There is a polarity in that general area – a strain we should hold.

Jesus teaching power. The Holy Spirit persuades an adherent by his power. Also, God gives, to those called, a power to instruct, to minister, to forecast, to proselytize, to apostleship – with power – as per his will.

The individuals who tuned in to Jesus when he really expressed the words were “shocked” at the authority with which he talked. That is the thing that the synoptist, Matthew, is letting us know.

They were likewise astounded at what Jesus said.

Jesus talked as one having authority, however his words, of their own, were legitimate.

Jesus’ words were extraordinary. The listeners were being changed, tested at their center, motivated to beat their inclinations, their molding, and their situation. They were even to relate to themselves, particularly considering the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12), since God is most particularly with poor people, the destitute, the grieving, the forgiving, those unadulterated in heart, the mistreated, the accommodating, and the peacemaker.

Jesus was educated with a position that was verifiable in equity and love, creating expectation and vision, instilled by sympathy and generosity.


Presently to the current state. Jesus instructs with power through the Holy Spirit given of the Father. Also, we may well frequently be “surprised” when we read God’s Word.

Being surprised is a product of the Spirit’s work in and through us toward wonder.

We are surprised by the authority of God as it rethinks our standards of life, changing us by the reestablishing of our psyches. We are struck by the sharpness of new information; an intelligence of God helping us live better. We are bewildered how this new information can so capture our mindfulness and convict us to act in an unexpected way. Change becomes us – a wonder.

The authority of Jesus makes a difference. It causes us to know and trust God. Just when we believe Jesus’ position would we be able to trust so as to get his salvation.