Chances are, in the event that you go to chapel on Sunday, or check out a TV preacher, or even hold a discussion with partner, companion or neighbor on the subject of religion, you will hear whoever is talking quote God or potentially Jesus as well as some other Biblical figure about this, that or the following thing. The unrivaled hotspot for these citations is obviously the Bible. Yet, who was really there at the fitting time and spot to go about as recorder, secretary or minutes taker? The appropriate response is frequently no one!

How about we take one lot of points of interest. In the primary couple of parts of Genesis, you get discussions among God and Adam, among Adam and Eve, among Eve and the Serpent, among God and the Serpent; among God and Eve; among God and Cain. Who recorded every one of those discussions? Did pen and paper even exist in the Garden of Eden and encompassing region?

Much all the more baffling, in the absolute first section of Genesis, God said “let there be light”; “let there be an atmosphere”; “let the waters under paradise be assemble”; “let the earth deliver grass”; “let there be lights in the atmosphere”; “let the waters deliver”; “let the earth deliver” and “let us make man in our picture”. Who, what mortal may I ask, was there with pen and paper close by recording the entirety of this? This was a time path before there were any Pulitzer Prize winning human writers around searching for a scoop!

Expecting there was no writer on the spot bringing down God’s godlike words “let there be light” for instance, at that point who was God addressing? Was God conversing with himself here? Possibly not as a result of that “us” reference in “let us make man in our picture”, whoever “us” alludes to. Possibly “us” alludes to the Titan god Prometheus, since that Greek god is credited with making people from dirt. That is just one of numerous prospects since one could name many divinities from societies around the globe credited with making humanity.

Presently I don’t trust Noah is authorized with composing Biblical parts and verses, yet the Bible quotes God conversing with Noah, as in “God said unto Noah”. Who recorded that discussion? Abraham in like manner isn’t credited with Biblical handwriting, yet we have “God said unto Abraham”. At that point there’s “God said unto Jacob” and “God said unto Moses” (likewise “Moses said unto God”) and “God said unto Balaam” and “God said to Solomon” and “God said to Jonah” (and the other way around), thus it goes. How wonderful that every single time “God said” that a recorder coincidentally was Johnny-on-the-spot to record God’s colloquialisms for children, also the answers of us simple humans that He was tending to!

Whenever anybody says whatever’s quoted on down the track, long before Dictaphone machines and recording devices, and so on there needed to have been somebody there bringing down the words verbatim for children. In the event that they weren’t recorded until well afterward – well you know how dependable human memory is! Imagine a scenario in which they got it somewhat off-base. Consider the possibility that they got it predominantly off-base. What indeed in the event that they imagined everything?

At that point the Bible (New Testament) says “Jesus said” a sum of multiple times. Almost certainly Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all took secretarial, shorthand, transcription courses so as to precisely take minutes and record the mind and shrewdness of Jesus. Aside from obviously there were times when Jesus wasn’t within the sight of any copyists, similar to when Jesus and Satan had somewhat of a private chinwag in the wild, yet Jesus is still quoted as though he was hauling around a versatile recording device to record for children the trade.