Elite brands are tied in with upgrading the body and figure to the maximum; giving the outside world a picture that denotes a character.

So what about another idea from the New York focus of style which apparently empowers unquestionably the inverse. Selective brands that are stating to ladies that they should dress to repulse.

The ‘new look’ is the brainchild of a lady called Leandra Medine who composes a persuasive online gathering called The Man Repeller Blog. What’s more, her feelings are being taken up by a number inside New York design circles. For sure, Medine is turning into a design master in her very own right.

Her look has been called by some as “stylishly preventative” and has become the weirdo hit among various fashionistas. The center is tied in with repulsing men and that shows itself in the state of overalls, stops up, sarouel homme and sweetheart pants.

A University understudy matured only 21, Medine seemed to have tapped a rich vein of cognizance with ladies who would prefer not to dress for pulling in the male of the species. She began the “stylishly prophylactic” look by posting pictures of herself on her blog, wearing outfits that she asserted bewildered and disturbed men. As she says herself:

“…outfitting oneself in a stylishly hostile manner that will bring about repulsing individuals from the contrary sex. Such articles of clothing incorporate yet are not constrained to Harem pants, sweetheart pants, overalls, shoulder braces, full length jumpsuits, adornments that looks like savage weaponry and obstructs.”

Medine as of late told the New York Times that her break into the hotshot came after a discussion with a companion who was likewise in the design business. She reviewed how “…we were giggling at how everything was so man-repulsing: corrosive washed Harem pants and huge shoulder braces, and I recently stated, ‘That’s it! That is the blog.”